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Incident Management Software

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Safety Software and Training Program
Instantly Generate 300 Log OSHA Forms!  
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Save yourself time and effort... Simply Safety! software is a compliance management software system designed to make small to medium companies more efficent in meeting OSHA compliance requirements. Simply Safety! tracks all your workplace safety incidents in one centralized location helping you meet your mandatory workplace safety and incident reporting duties.

Simply Safety! now instantly generates 300 OSHA Log forms, 300A OSHA Log forms and 301 OSHA log forms. Centralizing and simplifying your compliance information can help you:
  • meet mandatory OSHA compliance and incident reporting responsibilities
  • keep accurate due diligence records to mitigate legal risk
  • save time and work more efficiently
Protecting Yourself: In the event of an incident your most imporant asset is an accurate due diligence trail. Were workers trained? Were deficiencies corrected? Was maintenance done? You'll need to prove that you took 'every reasonable step' under the circumstances to protect the health and safety of those in your care. Click the White Paper link "Every Reasonable Step" for more information.

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Learn about Bill C-45 and Safety
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Every Reasonable Step

Incident Software Provides
  • instant OSHALog generation
  • instant access to records during an investigation
  • improved OSHA compliance
  • reduced incident and accident rates
  • reduced management workload and legal risk
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Simply Safety! incident management software can help protect you and your company by allowing you to be proactive in reducing risk and associated costs and keeping an accurate due diligence trail. Simply Safety! software program replaces paper-based or spreadsheet tracking with a modern efficient way to manage critical compliance data.

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